i have a fascination for the evolving communication forms of the internet and the way we live our lives alone and in groups, with meaning for ourselves and others distributed along curves we can sometimes see and manage and sometimes don't even know exist
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Two cyber-journalists to follow — doug — off the record

There are two gentlemen that I read all the time. They’re constantly pushing and sharing their learning. I like to think that I have been inspired to do what I do largely by viewing them doing what they do. I would encourage you to take a look at their efforts and see if they fit […] … Continue reading

Places I’ve Been

Arroz y Paix

When I posted a picture from Barcelona some friends responded and one suggested a restaurant near the Picasso Museum. We were planning a visit to the museum and decided that a nice lunch following would be good. We found the restaurant easily and entered. You are met at the entrance by a fish market table … Continue reading

A gourmet seafood sandwich

After three attempts we found the restaurant and it was open. Samuel introduced it to us on the food tour we did last week. We tried a trout sandwich and Jen wanted to go back and have it again. The streets are very narrow in the Old Town and there are a lot of storefronts … Continue reading

Chapelle du Rosaire de Vence

Chapelle du Rosaire de Vence This is the masterwork of Matisse. He had undergone surgery for stomach cancer in 1941and had a long convalescence, during which he reflected on his life’s work and much more. His art production was now constrained and he developed the paper cutout technique that characterized this period of his life. … Continue reading

Musée Picasso Antibes

Picasso occupied a studio in this Grimaldi castle on the waterfront of old Antibes for half a year in 1946. He donated all the works to the new museum and the curators added a number of other artists to the collection including Nicolas de Stäel. Some contemporary artists are also represented. The museum is definitely … Continue reading

View from nowhere

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/View_from_nowhere I came across this term in a New Republic story about the late Tom Wolfe. I was a young man in the ’60’s when I read Wolfe’s TheElectric Kool-Aid Acid Test. I didn’t get it. I had fought forest fires, smoked some pot, hitched across Canada four times, and these characters were caricatures of … Continue reading

Musée national Marc Chagall

The Chagall Museum in Nice is the first purpose-built museum for a living artist in France. It houses the largest collection of his work including the monumental Biblical Message. This is a series of large format paintings that tells the Old Testament story on one level while referencing more current themes on another. When we … Continue reading

Musée Matisse

Matisse lived in Nice from 1918 to 1954. This is where he created his best work, under the Mediterranean sun. When the wind, called the mistral, blew away the clouds, he knew he would stay and work in that light where colour would shine. Musée Matisse in Nice is located by the archeological site of … Continue reading

Remembering Renoir

We took bus number 400 up from our apartment near the beach, got off at Square Bourdet and walked up the passage recommended by the Tourist Office. The afternoon heat was pleasant in early May. I recognized the house immediately when we entered the drive. The ancient olive trees with the silver-grey leaves still stand … Continue reading

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