i have a fascination for the evolving communication forms of the internet and the way we live our lives alone and in groups, with meaning for ourselves and others distributed along curves we can sometimes see and manage and sometimes don't even know exist
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Coquihalla summit

Planning to go snowshoeing tomorrow up at Coquihalla summit (that’s the highway name, not the mountain top) – 1210 meters   Advertisements


I am learning some simple phrases, numbers, essentials in preparation for a trip to Vietnam. This site is useful: loecsen https://www.loecsen.com/en/learn-vietnamese/91-2-79-numbers

Network Narratives

Started this post today.  

Post with Android

OK here it is

Bourne End

We are staying with Jill at her place in Bourne End, on the Thames and near to Maidenhead and Windsor Castle. Jill is an experienced traveler in Africa as her career has been working with a non-profit group based in London with offices in Nairobi. She travels to Kenya three or four times a year … Continue reading

Our African journey begins

Jen and I are at the airport in Vancouver, ready to begin our incredible journey to Kenya. We begin by going to London and visiting with Jill for a couple of days. On Monday we fly to Nairobi, arriving at 8:00 a.m. Ha! This is so old! We have been to Kenya twice since I … Continue reading

Langara College’s Mandarin for Adults

Langara College in Vancouver is where I am currently taking Mandarin classes. I have already done levels 1 – 4 and will enroll in level 5 this January.

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