i have a fascination for the evolving communication forms of the internet and the way we live our lives alone and in groups, with meaning for ourselves and others distributed along curves we can sometimes see and manage and sometimes don't even know exist
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War Remnants Museum

War Remnants Museum Ho Chi Minh City You can see the old weapons from the street. Tanks, jets, helicopters. Morning traffic roared behind me and the noise subsided once inside the museum compound. Thick steel. Military green paint and numbers painted in white on the sides. Must have meant something to somebody sometime. I wandered, … Continue reading

Sherwood Residences HCMC

Sherwood Residences Ho Chi Minh City The airport pickup went smoothly and when the driver pulled up to the hotel we knew we would be looked after well. The apartment wasn’t quite ready but we only had to wait about half an hour even though it was still morning. Once we did enter the apartment … Continue reading

Green Bamboo Cooking School – Hoi An

Green Bamboo Cooking School It was raining hard when we reached the corner of Cau Dai and the alleyway leading to our hotel. The van stopped to pick us up and Van, our chef-teacher for the day jumped out to greet us. The van was full and we were 12 in all. The van maneuvered … Continue reading

The Thai Kitchen – Hoi An

The Thai Kitchen Hoi An On our first evening in Hoi An we decided to just venture out onto the streets and find a place to eat. We were staying in a hotel about a kilometre or two from the historic Old Town and the walk would help us learn the area a bit. Coming … Continue reading

Black and Brown Coffee – HCMC

Black and Brown Coffee This restaurant is right across from the War Remnants Museum. Jen and I were looking for breakfast on our first morning in Ho Chi Minh City. We didn’t want a heavy meal and this place looked good. As soon as we entered the owner welcomed us and asked what we would … Continue reading

Ngô Quán Chay Vegetarian Restaurant

Ngô Quán Chay Vegetarian Restaurant Ho Chi Minh City We found this restaurant on our way to the War Remnants Museum and decided to give it a try. There was only one other table occupied when we sat down but soon other diners were around. The restaurant is really an outdoor restaurant but done up … Continue reading

Banh Xéo Dinh Cong Trang

Banh Xéo Dinh Cong Trang Ho Chi Minh City This is another place to eat that is on my list. The night we went was historic, really. The Vietnam football team just went through to the World Cup Quarter Finals and the streets were filled with joyful fans. We made our way through the streets … Continue reading

Some restaurants in HCMC

Quan Ngon 138 Ho Chi Minh City This place was on my list of restaurants to eat at so when we arrived I was already biased I guess, but I wasn’t disappointed. We sat outside as the evening air cooled. Coming from North America in January, the heat was a treat. The restaurant is in … Continue reading

Vietnam this past week

We have been here a week now and are getting into the travel mode nicely. Ho Chi Minh City was hot and humid and a good change from the cold back in Vancouver. We were in the streets to celebrate the Under 23 Football win – long time coming for Vietnam football – and the … Continue reading

Coquihalla summit

Planning to go snowshoeing tomorrow up at Coquihalla summit (that’s the highway name, not the mountain top) – 1210 meters  

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