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Arroz y Paix

When I posted a picture from Barcelona some friends responded and one suggested a restaurant near the Picasso Museum. We were planning a visit to the museum and decided that a nice lunch following would be good. We found the restaurant easily and entered. You are met at the entrance by a fish market table of fresh ingredients from the sea. We selected our meal ingredients (see below) and were seated just in front of the pass. The pass is where the food comes out of the kitchen, which was clearly visible to us so we enjoyed seeing the wonderful variety of dishes coming out.

The menu is very wide ranging in price so it is possible to have a paella, for example, at a price that won’t discourage you. We opted for a whole fish, turbot, with a starter of octopus. Now don’t get squirmy if you haven’t eaten either of these. They were spectacular. I like to dabble in the kitchen and I am definitely going to try to replicate both of these. We enjoyed a glass of white wine with our meal and an espresso afterwards.

Price – 83€ ($130 CAD)

These are good prices especially when you consider the ‘tourist men’ will be 40€ with drinks.

Octopus and riced potatoes

– garlic and butter and salt

– broiled octopus with salt and butter


– baked then grilled

– butter, garlic and saffron and chilli

Veg julienne

– pan fried (steamed then fried?)

– courgette, carrot, fennel, red peppers

– salt and oil


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