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A gourmet seafood sandwich

After three attempts we found the restaurant and it was open. Samuel introduced it to us on the food tour we did last week. We tried a trout sandwich and Jen wanted to go back and have it again. The streets are very narrow in the Old Town and there are a lot of storefronts and usually a lot of people. We must have gone past it and not noticed it. Finding it again was a great reward. Jen ordered the trout sandwich and I ordered the crayfish sandwich. I had a Thai style sauce on mine while Jen had the traditional olive oil and garlic sauce. We sat outside in the narrow lane at one of the two bistro tables. Passersby wished us ‘bon appetit’ and we tucked in.

The sandwich is constructed on a baguette type bun that has a soft middle and a good crust outside. The fish is prepared with delicious flavours and drizzled with the sauce you choose. This is then placed into an open slit in the bun in generous proportion. We had ours with cold water as a beverage but a nice white wine would go well too.

The price was just 7.50€ each.


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