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Musée Picasso Antibes

Picasso occupied a studio in this Grimaldi castle on the waterfront of old Antibes for half a year in 1946. He donated all the works to the new museum and the curators added a number of other artists to the collection including Nicolas de Stäel. Some contemporary artists are also represented.

The museum is definitely worth a visit if you are in Antibes or nearby. The pieces from Picasso are significant and show some of his playfulness. It would have been a great time to get back to making art after the terrible destruction of the war that so ravaged Europe and the world.

Today the city of Antibes is filled with wealthy visitors especially during the Festival in nearby Cannes. We met a young actor from Paris waiting for the same bus when we were returning to Cagnes-sur-Mer. We wished him success in his Festival entry.

The price for the Picasso Museum is 6€.


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